ARC to be Featured on Wonderful Words of Life

By: Chris Benjamin

Over 150 years ago, the founder of The Salvation Army, William Booth, saw the devastating effects of addiction in his community. He began what was called the Men’s Social Service, the original program for drug and alcohol addiction. Although it has grown and changed to meet the needs of thousands of individuals, this program continues today as The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command. In the USA South, there are 23 adult rehabilitation centers. Each of these facilities may be serving upwards of 100 men and women at any given time.

Recently on Wonderful Words of Life, the program’s host, Bernie Dake, had the chance to speak with Major Liz Wilson, program secretary for the Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command in the Southern Territory. In this role she ensured that we are, as she said, “Giving it the best quality and that we are truly serving those that come to us with care”.

The ARC is for anyone with a “hurt, habit, or hang-up,” she said. “We’ve had individuals that have had gambling issues, that have had sexual issues and grief issues. There are so many parts of our lives that we don’t transition well, that we don’t handle well.”
An adult rehabilitation center exists to help these people in need find their path to recovery. Not only are ARCs staffed with Salvation Army officers but also with professional counselors, who are there to help their clients heal.

When someone’s life is turned upside down, they lose purpose, routine and structure. The work therapy performed in the ARC is an important step to recovery. Work therapy ultimately gives clients relevant work experience to help them find employment upon their graduation. It also brings healthy habits and structure back into their lives while teaching them valuable skills.

“We tend to put a stereotype on them (ARC clients) of being individuals perhaps we see as homeless or panhandlers,” Major Wilson said. “In our experience, we’ve had a gentleman who was a nuclear physicist…we’ve had lawyers. These are smart people. So don’t be ashamed if you need help.”

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If you or a loved one needs help, visit or call 1-800-SA-TRUCK.