Women’s Auxiliary Raises Funds and Awareness for Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts

By: Major DeeAnn Glick

“Some of my best men are women,” the founder of The Salvation Army, General William Booth, famously said. I love that our founders were eccentric and passionate. They were visionaries and progressive thinkers. They saw the needs, the injustices, the individual, and they worked to make a difference in lives and in society.

It all started with a conversation over a cup of coffee. Sitting across the table from a woman who loves The Salvation Army and a staff member, we asked, “How can we get more women involved with Women’s Auxiliary who have a passion to make a difference?” We know women these days are incredibly involved in their families, their businesses, and in their communities. What would bring them together to advocate awareness to our community about the complex issue of human trafficking?

The Salvation Army in central Maryland has a unique ministry called Catherine’s Cottage. It’s an anti-human trafficking ministry. It is a safe home, a place of rest. A place where survivors can get the help they need to begin their long journey on the road to healing.

When I shared with our friend about Catherine’s Cottage, you could see the gears in her mind begin to turn with ideas about not only raising awareness of human trafficking but helping to raise funds to maintain this beautiful ministry for the survivors. She began calling her girlfriends and putting together a wonderful event. They worked right alongside our staff and planned a wonderful evening.

Female entrepreneurs from the area offered items from their businesses as special prizes or treats to taste. Much of the evening was fellowship and wonderful conversations. That night I shared about the beginning of The Salvation Army, our founders, and where The Salvation Army is now. I shared about human trafficking and the damage that it causes. I also shared about Catherine’s Cottage and the difference we make in the lives of those who walk through our doors.

Our special guest, Major Sarah Nelson, divisional secretary for program and women’s ministries for the Potomac Division, shared her story. Her history. She shared how an officer of The Salvation Army listened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and visited a very dysfunctional home. Because of that visit, a whole generation was changed through the HOPE that was shared.

The night ended with much excitement, a lot of questions, and many new opportunities to share about anti-human trafficking efforts and Catherine’s Cottage. Funds were raised, and the membership of the Women’s Auxiliary of Central Maryland grew. Most importantly, something was ignited in the women. They caught the vision and passion of our founders. They are ready to make a difference in lives that may have been turned away in the past. They are ready to share HOPE.