What’s New: Silent Night

By: David New

Silent Night! Holy Night! 

Sleeps the world in peace tonight. 

God sends His Son to earth below, 

A Child from whom all blessings flow. 

Jesus, embraces mankind. 

Jesus, embraces mankind. 

The storybooks tell me to listen for the pitter-patter of reindeer hooves echoing from my roof. They say I should hear bells jingling as the long-awaited, bearded gift-giver sneaks through the chimney. My house has many creaky spots, especially on the wooden floor. Surely, he’ll set off an accidental creak. If I listen even more closely, there should even be a soft *crunch* as he indulges in the three cookies I left for him. After all, I’m often told my cookies are the best. And of course, you can’t ever forget the final “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” that is sure to reverberate throughout the entire neighborhood, shaking the very foundation of each and every house. 

It’s a raucous night, Christmas. 

So much to wait for, so many signals ushering a time of present opening. Every creature is stirring, even the mice my dog has yet to catch. The tension in the air is palpable. This is what Christmas is all about. 

And yet, silence. No reindeer hooves, no bells, and the floor in my living room is void of even a single creak. I re-count the cookies every hour and no change. Will anyone wish me a Merry Christmas tonight? Where is the excitement? Where are all the fairytale creatures? 

This is not the Christmas I have been promised since I was a small infant, tender and mild. The silence fuels my insomnia, my earthly angst. 

Distract me, O great and powerful Claus! Give my holiday season meaning. Bless me and anoint my head with… eggnog? I can no longer accept this uncomfortable silence, where too much is made known. Make me ignorant, like when I was a child. Do something, anything. Just take me away from this very silent night.