The Salvation Army begins emergency disaster response to Alabama, Georgia tornadoes

On Thursday, January 12, a destructive weather system struck the Southeastern United States, with tornadoes touching down in both Alabama and Georgia. The Salvation Army sprung into action in response to touchdowns in Selma, Alabama and Griffin, Georgia, with a comprehensive response to follow.

The Salvation Army’s Selma Service Center was severely damaged, including extensive roof and window damage. Damage assessments are ongoing in the region, but The Salvation Army has established an Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) in coordination with Birmingham and Mobile Area Commands, as well as the Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi Division.

In Georgia, storm damage impacted Spaulding County and the city of Griffin. Additional damage has been reported in Troup County, with ongoing evaluations of what transpired. Donation links have been established for both Alabama and Georgia tornado response at

Stay tuned as more information becomes available.