Tampa Command Serves at National Championship Game

The Salvation Army Tampa Area Command served coffee to law enforcement officials securing the stadium and the area surrounding it during the weekend of the National Championship College Football game, January 6-9.

Two canteens staffed by volunteers were set up in the area, providing relief to 1500 officers who had been brought in, many working 10-hour shifts, to keep the thousands of fans, in seats and outside, safe.

“They needed support and we were glad to provide it,” Tampa Area Commander Captain Andy Miller, III said.

The command also received support in the form of two box seat tickets, given by an anonymous donor on Friday, which were auctioned off for $2300 each. Proceeds from the tickets will provide 111 nights of shelter to the homeless community.

“It’s an amazing thing to happen, that we can take these tickets that are very valuable to someone and turn it into something that’s more meaningful to someone who might not know where they’re going to spend their next night,” Miller said. “We are grateful that God is able to take these opportunities and leverage them for the kingdom. You never know when things are going to come. We just want to be ready to receive what he has for us and we want to be ready to act.”