Army relief teams still at work after Hurricane Sally

The Salvation Army continues bringing relief to western Florida and southern Alabama after Hurricane Sally lumbered through the region last week, causing widespread flooding and power outages. The slow-moving storm dumped more than two feet of rain in the area before continuing inland.

In Florida, 12 canteens are feeding residents in Pensacola, and another one is operating in Panama City. The Salvation Army is partnering with Florida Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to provide food for 10,000 residents each day. The feeding operation is located at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Pensacola, along with the Army’s Incident Command Post. Along with the meals prepared by SBDR, Army disaster teams are distributing 20,000 fresh cold meals provided by Wholesome Kitchens.

As of today, The Salvation Army has provided 25,231 prepared meals, 16,966 drinks and 20,110 snacks. Spiritual and emotional care has been given to 328 individuals.

In Baldwin and Mobile counties in south Alabama, the Category 2 storm ravaged Baldwin and Mobile counties, bringing down trees and power lines, leaving many Baldwin County residents without utilities. Most of the residents have had their power restored, but complete restoration may not occur before next week. Seven canteens are serving in the area, and a 12-passenger van is delivering food. Thus far, 15,896 meals have been served, along with 8,000 drinks and 9,857 snacks. Also, shelter has been provided for 45 people.