Photos by Laura Dake

Retirement: Major Margaret McGourn

Major Margaret McGourn entered honored retirement on July 1, 2021, concluding over 31 years of active service as a Salvation Army Officer. The retirement ceremony was conducted at Lake Junaluska, N.C., during the 2021 Southern Bible Conference, by Commissioners Willis & Barbara Howell.

Colonel Susan Bukiewicz led the meeting, which was themed “Celebrating God’s Faithfulness.” Other participants in the service included: Major Pam Werner, Colonel Ralph Bukiewicz, Ted McGourn, Erin McGourn, and Major Nila Fankhauser. Flagbearers were Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee (U.S.) and Major Frank Duracher (Session Flag).

Margaret Marler entered the USA Western Territory’s training college in 1973, from Santa Cruz, California, as a member of the Soldiers Of The Cross session of cadets. She now holds the historic distinction of becoming the last active officer to enter retirement who was trained at the old training college in San Francisco.

Upon her commissioning on June 8, 1975, her subsequent appointments included: Pocatello, Idaho (corps officer); Klamath Falls, Oregon (corps officer); Las Vegas, Nevada (youth officer); Tempe, Arizona (corps officer); Hawaii DHQ (divisional youth secretary); Western THQ (assistant to the CRD secretary, followed by territorial museum director); Brooklyn, New York (ARC); Utica, New York (ARC); San Antonio, Texas (Center of Hope corps officer, followed by Citadel corps officer).

Her final 15 years of active service were spent as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Territorial Commander in Atlanta, Georgia.