Registration Open for National Jamboree

More than 1000 kids and leaders are expected for the National Jamboree for Girl Guards and Rangers to be held at Huzzah Valley Resort in Steelville, Missouri, July 10-15. It will be the first nationwide gathering of Guards and Rangers in more than 20 years and is being held in celebration of 100 years of Girl Guards in the U.S.

Wanda Newton, territorial boys and girls work director, has been working on planning the event with a team from all four territories for the past three years.

It is her hope that delegates “will get to meet kids from all over the U.S. and experience nature at its finest.”

Kids and leaders will camp out in tents organized by divisions but all in close proximity to each other. The week will begin with a county fair to help delegates get to know people from different parts of the country. Similar to the Boundless pin exchange, each division will be expected to bring an item representing the unique culture of their home state which they can trade with people from different regions, collecting one item for each person they meet.

Rafting, canoeing, archery, tubing, pellet gun and fun challenges will all be offered onsite. Delegates will also spend one day at the Meramec Learning Ranch for team building exercises, obstacle courses and a high ropes challenge. By the end of the week, the Guards and Rangers will be more independent, having learned also to prepare their own meals, and will, Newton hopes, have the opportunity to participate in activities they might never be able to do at home in an environment that is safe and fun.

If you’re interested in attending the National Jamboree, talk to your corps officer. Registration costs $250 and all delegates must have completed sixth grade and be at least 12 years old. Emblem requirements also apply.

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