The 2012 National Seminar on Evangelism will use the curriculum, based upon Bill Hybels, Just Walk Across the Room. Pastor Hybels is the Senior Pastor of the Willow Creek Church in Barrington, Illinois. Just Walk Across the Room will include a major chapter presentation daily as well as breaking into small groups and discussing that evangelism challenge and ultimately putting it into practice in the Colorado Springs area during the week. As the delegates return to their individual corps, our prayer is that it will be instituted on a local basis throughout the country.

AUGUST 4-11, 2012


Hybels explains evangelism as simple and as scary as walking across the room. He has a heartfelt burden for sharing the Christian message. This new curriculum will guide readers and small groups to a new understanding of why and how they can help others meet God, offers solid advice on evangelism, yet it does so without sounding like it is checking off items on a spiritual list. This form of evangelism is relational, what Mr. Hybels calls “Living in 3D.” Christians are encouraged to explore “the power of the story” and to learn how to tell their own spiritual narratives concisely and effectively. It is hoped that Just Walk Across the Room will find inspiration and honesty in the spirit of the gospel. In the words of Pastor Hybels, “it boils down to whether you and I will continue to seek creative ways to engage our friends, inviting them to explore the abundance of Christ following life.”

A key component to the seminar is the use of small groups. The small groups will be organized to provide the following:


  • Optimal environment for life change
  • Expansion so that eventually every person can be connected to others
  • Provide the primary environment for mutual care and mutual ministry
  • Authentic community should be modeled and practiced by leaders at every level



Evangelism: “to encourage, inspire, and equip God’s people to live a transformational lifestyle of good works and bold words. This will enable their Corps to undertake evangelism that will produce the desired results of rescuing the perishing, bringing them into Corps membership and training them to be mature disciples.”
Are you looking for new ideas for winning family, friends, and acquaintances to the Lord? NSE will give you those ideas as well as fellowship with many others with like minds. NSE is absolutely a life-changing experience for all who attend. Why not give NSE consideration for this year?


The NSE format is an experiential model, through seminars, small groups, social interaction and community outreach opportunities. The foundation of each component is evangelism.



Two Soldiers and One Officer should represent each participating Corps. If interested, contact your Corps Officer right away for an application. DHQ will contact THQ to determine available space.


“The NSE mission is to train and equip Salvationists for effective evangelism and ensure the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.”


• Learn culturally relevant Evangelism concepts.
• Experience Practical Evangelism.
• Perceive Evangelism in Primarily Relational Terms.
• Grow in their personal Spiritual Life while considering their own history and testimony.
• Develop both a personal and Corps-based Evangelism Action Plan that can be implemented in their community.[/checklist]