MWV and NCV consolidated to form new Potomac Division

By: Dan Childs

The map of the USA Southern Territory has been redrawn. Effective today, the Maryland-West Virginia and National Capital-Virginia divisions have united to form the new Potomac Division. Lt. Colonel Carolee Israel is the divisional commander, and Lt. Colonel Mark Israel is the divisional leader for advancement.

The consolidation of the divisions was announced last November, and that decision was the result of 15-month study to determine the best strategy for the future of the two divisions. The plan of consolidation was submitted to International Headquarters and approved in September of 2019.

The Potomac DHQ will be located at the present NCV headquarters facility on Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown Washington, D.C, but will relocate to Alexandria, Virginia, in 2021. The division will include 53 corps and five area commands across Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia, becoming the third-largest division in the Southern Territory.

Lt. Colonel Carolee Israel’s leadership of the division follows her appointment as the divisional commander of the Maryland-West Virginia division, a post she held from June 2019. Lt. Colonel Mark Israel served as the commander of the National Capital-Virginia Division from 2015 until the consolidation.

Lt. Colonel Mark Israel said he will continue in a divisional leadership role alongside his wife with a strong focus on the advancement of the Army’s mission, such as openings of new corps and various ministries and expansion of ministry in existing corps and service locations. “In the first few months I will focus on the transition from two DHQ facilities to one and the uniting of our corps units across the division,” he said.

Major Bobby Westmoreland is the general secretary, and Major Anne Westmoreland is divisional secretary for program and divisional secretary for women’s ministries. Also serving on the Potomac Division staff are: Captains Bobby and Nicole Parker, divisional youth secretaries; Captain Michelle Wilson, divisional secretary for business; Major Jamie Bell, divisional secretary for personnel; Captain Joe Crawford, divisional finance secretary; Major Jeanne Johnson, adult ministries secretary; Captain Lorraina Crawford, candidates secretary/personnel officer; Major Nichole Bell, mission and intercultural secretary; and Captain Lee Wilson, assistant divisional secretary for business.

The Potomac soldiery will join in celebration Saturday, Oct. 17 with a virtual rally that will include a live event with limited attendance that will be live-streamed. In addition, the production will include several satellite locations across the new division that feed into the overall live stream. Among the participants in the program will be Commissioners Willis and Barbara Howell, territorial leaders, and Colonels Ralph and Susan Bukiewicz, chief secretary and territorial women’s ministries secretary.

The officers of the new division gathered in Richmond, Virginia, in September for councils as the consolidation neared. Major Westmoreland said he saw a diverse and dedicated group of officers coming from two distinctly different divisions that are excited about uniting in ministry.

“We had a really powerful time with Leonard Sweet, who focused on the theme ‘Dare Mighty Things’ and led our time together,” Major Westmoreland said. “God’s Word pierced our hearts about having more faith and developing a truly trusting faith. I saw in the officers a sense of belonging, a sense that this is right. I saw a beautiful expression of fellowship.”