Meet the Missionaries

Colonels Steve & Wendy Morris

Japan Territory

Territorial Commander & Territorial President of Women’s Ministries
Term began: April 2021

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In 1895 a small group of pioneer officers from Britain arrived to start operations. In spite of difficulties, the work was soon established.

Colonel Steve was born in Japan while his parents were serving there. They returned to the US Southern Territory when he was 11 years old. Colonel Wendy is from New York. She left there to at-tend Asbury College, where she met Steve. They were commissioned in 1993 with the “Heralds of Jesus” Session. Most recent appointments were as Territorial Secretary for Personnel and Territorial Secretary for Officer Development. Their son, Andrew, is a student at the University of Georgia, and their daughter, Angela, is married. 

Special Dates

Birthdays: Steve – October 15 + Wendy- August 28
Anniversary: January 13, 1990

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Captains Chris & Jessica Welch

Italy & Greece Command

Corps Officers of Torre Pellice Corps
Term began: August 1, 2015

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The flag was unfurled in 1887 but had to be removed. In 1893 the work was re-established and was recognized as a charitable organization. It wasn’t until 2009 that it received legal status as a religious body. In 2011, Greece became part of the command.

Captains Welch entered training from Winter Haven, FL and were commissioned in 2012 as Corps Officers in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Jessica is originally from Italy.

Special Dates

Birthdays: Chris, July 22 & Jessica, April 30
Anniversary: May 30, 2009
Children’s Birthdays: Liam Matteo, April 14, 2014 & Rafaël Zane, June 3, 2018

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Captains Minkee & Grace Kim

Korea Territory

Corps Officers of the Nam Chungju Corps
Term began: April 2023

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Responding to the requests of Korean students studying in Japan in 1907, the Founder dispatched Commissioner George Scott Railton to survey prospects on the Korean peninsula.

Minkee and Grace were commissioned in 2014. Their last appointment in the Southern Territory was as Corps Officers of the Winston-Salem (Kernersville), NC Corps. The Kims have 3 children. Their youngest daughter, Yoanna, is with them in Korea.

Special Dates

Birthdays: Minkee, January 27; Grace, February 15;
Anniversary: March 21
Children’s Birthdays: Yoanna, October 15, 2009

Contact Information

  • Yoanna Kim (age 13)

  • Rafael Welch (age 6) Liam Welch (age 9)