Messengers of Reconciliation Summer Assignments Announced

On behalf of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Willis Howell, we are very pleased to announce the Summer Assignments of the Cadets of the Messengers of Reconciliation Session.

Please be in prayer for these Cadets as they prepare for what God had planned for them this summer.

Cadets Marcos & Lyla Baca — Bryan (College Station), TX

Cadet Karen Burton — Marietta, GA

Cadet Michael Duelley — Atlanta International Corps, GA

Cadets Victor & Myranda Estudiante — AOK DHQ (Youth Department)

Cadet Roy Fisher — Huntsville, AL

Cadets Anthony & Angela Fox — Hickory, NC

Cadet Allison Hamilton — Leesburg, FL

Cadets Samuel & Shania Mhasvi — Henderson, NC

Cadet Rashad Poole — Waynesville, NC

Cadet Andy Rowe — Jonesboro Citadel Corps, GA