Men of Florida Division gather for reawakening

More than 360 men from across the division gathered for the Florida Divisional Men’s Camp and a time of reawakening, recreation and renewal. Under the leadership of Major John Birks, divisional men’s ministries secretary, the camp focused on the theme, “Awaken Within.”

Major Birks set the tone for the weekend with an examination of Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones. He challenged any men who found themselves in a place of “dry bones” to leave that place and become “a vast Army,” as the scriptural vision concludes.

Lt. Colonel Ken Luyk, divisional commander, noted that the vision of the dry bones is one of hope, despite its beginning in a place of impossibility. He emphasized the prayer of the weekend, that there would be a rattling and awakening of spiritual bones.

In Friday’s evening vespers, Major Mark Satterlee, territorial men’s ministries secretary, spoke on the healing powers of the Master’s touch. He followed on Saturday with a deeper examination of Ezekiel as well as the meaning of his vision for men today.

With the camp’s focus on bones, it was fitting that on Saturday evening the men were treated to a jazz concert by Spiritual to the Bone, a dectet of accomplished Salvation Army trombonists that has performed around the world.

Commissioner Willis Howell, a member of the ensemble, shared a brief devotional thought during the concert, reflecting on the need for men to “awaken within.”

In Sunday morning’s worship service, Daniel Jones testified that the Lord is faithful in gently bringing him back to his calling when he is distracted. Also, outgoing Divisional Sergeant Major Dan Hager passed the baton to his successor, Frank Trevizo.

In his message, Commissioner Howell noted that Satan uses the eyes and minds of men as his point of entry into their souls and can make his way in without their knowing it. Men must be watchful and not allow Satan to enter and harden their hearts; only Christ can soften a man’s heart after that. Florida men lined the altar, praying in English, Spanish and Creole as they lifted their hearts to the Lord.