Meet the 2016 Salvationist Service Corps Team Members

Each summer, the Territorial Youth Department sends young salvationists from across the southeast on 8-week long mission trips both internationally and within our own territory. These young adults are chosen based on recommendations from their corps officers and divisional youth leaders, spiritual maturity and willingness to go and serve wherever they are sent.

We asked each team member to tell us why they decided to spend their summer serving others with SSC. Check out their responses and a bit of information on each member below and be in prayer for them and for those they are serving as they prepare for a life-changing season of service.

Mission South Team

“God really chose me to serve his people once again. Without Him I am nothing. He is the author of my life story and I simply cannot wait to see how He uses me this summer as I devote it fully to Him!”

Yessica Escalante, Leader

Age: 22
Location: Gainesville, Georgia
School: University of North Georgia
Major: Psychology

“I want to do SSC because I want to encounter God in a way that I can’t even imagine right now. I want to serve God by serving others.”

Sebastian Arroqui, Leader

Age: 21
Location: Atlanta (International), Georgia
School: Georgia State University
Job: Wells Fargo

“I want to help and show others God’s love and plans for his people.”

Jamual Darden

Location: Tyler, Texas
School: Tyler Junior College
Major: Sociology

“Recently, I’ve felt a calling towards ministry and to step out of my comfort zone in order to better serve God. I feel like serving on SSC is a way for me to begin to fulfill that calling.”

Ashleigh Gilliam

Age: 19
Location: Fort Myers, Florida
School: Florida Gulf Coast University

“God said to me, ‘rather than later, NOW is the time for SSC.'”

Raegan Leigh Walters

Age: 18
Location: Altus, Oklahoma
School: Nazarene University

“I choose to do SSC because I felt the Lord calling me to do so, and I am deciding as of now to walk in his truth and to do his will.”

Tayler Farrington

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
School: Florida A&M University
Major: Business Administration

Poland Team

“I felt that God was leading me to go out of my comfort zone to share his word with those who may otherwise never hear it. I think God really wants to work in my life this summer and transform me and my team. We’re a group of young adults who are on fire for the Lord and who want to share that with the world.”

Jessica Flores, Leader

Age: 22
Location: Tampa, Florida
School: St. Petersburg College
Major: Management & Organizational Leadership

“I want to become more of a servant leader and learn what it really means to be a servant of God.”

Amber Showers, Leader

Age: 20
Location: Bradenton, Florida
School: Bradenton College

“I want to reach the unreached, love the unloved and show the nations Christ as I’ve seen him in my life.”

Joseph Valentin

Age: 20
Location: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
School: Atlanta Metropolitan State College

“I felt like God called me to see a different culture other than my own.”

Fred Williams

Age: 23
Location: Washington, DC
School: Charlotte Christian College & Theological Seminary

“God placed a calling upon my life to serve others in a culture not my own in hopes to learn more about grace, love, and full reliance on the Lord.”

Elizabeth Louden

Age: 20
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
School: Asbury University
Major: Psychology

“I’m seeking a life changing experience while growing deeper with God and figuring out my calling to be a Salvation Army officer.”

Chelsea Carter

Age: 22
Location: Louisville, Ketucky
Job: Assistant Teacher

“I chose SSC this year because I felt that it was time to start living in my truth, spreading the word of God, and being a servant for him. I also felt this was a good way for my relationship to grow in the Lord by following him, trusting more in him, and doing what the Lord wants for my life.”

Danielle Farrington

Age: 18
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
School: Florida A&M University

South Africa Team

“I want to discover the world and also myself.”

Oluwatito Osibodu, Leader

Age: 24
Location: Statesboro, Georgia
School: Georgia Southern University
Major: Masters in Instrumental Conducting

“SSC has shaped who I am as a Christian and I’m really excited that God has allowed me to lead a team and grow not only spiritually but as a leader.”

Miguel Bueno, Leader

Age: 27
Location: Clearwater, Florida

“I applied to SSC because I was looking for a way to challenge myself this summer- to put my faith, my humility, and my patience to the test.”

Kellie Whiten

Age: 19
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
School: Toccoa Falls College
Major: Business Administration

“I chose SSC because I wanted to grow. I wanted to grow my views on the world and relationship with Christ. Through this experience I hope I can know more about being a christian and come back with more wisdom.”

Seok (Eric) Hong

Age: 19
Location: Atlanta (International), Georgia
School: Georgia State University
Major: Biology

“Seeing the impact SSC has made on my friends and family, I decided to sign up and see for myself! I want to glorify the Lord, and shine his light wherever He takes me.”

Lorin Barnhouse

Age: 19
Location: AOK Division
School: Oklahoma Baptist University
Major: Psychology

“I chose to do SSC because God is calling me to step out in faith, and has laid missions on my heart.”

Rachel Pruitt

Age: 24
Location: Hagerstown, Maryland
Job: Blood & Fire Initiative Youth Worker

Fiji Team

“I chose SSC to grow in my spiritual life and to see God through new cultures. I also seek to be a servant of God’s will and do my best to spread his gospel and share in fellowship with others around the world.”

Jared Williams, Leader

Location: Clearwater, Florida
School: University of South Florida
Major: Environmental Science & Policy

“I chose to be a part of SSC to stand up for something much greater than myself and be a part of a world wide mission statement, all while reflecting God’s love.”

Nathalie Chils

Location: South Hillsborough, Florida
Job: Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

“I chose to do SSC because I want to see what The Salvation Army is doing around the world and I want to be apart of that.”

Charles Morrow

Location: Gainesville, Georgia
Job: Photographer

“I chose SSC because I want my giving, sacrificing and helping to be second nature. I want to focus less on me and what my plans are and take time to notice the world around me and what it needs from me. I would like to develop my talents for the glory of our Lord.”

Rebecca Gaitu

Location: Mombasa, Kenya
School: Kennesaw State University
Job: Certified Nursing Assistant

“I chose SSC this year because I feel called to help overseas in whatever way possible and what better way than to do it than with an organization that I have been in my whole life-The Salvation Army!”

Anna Morris

Location: Mobile, Alabama
School: University of Mobile

“Ever since I was a little kid I have always wanted to join SSC. I’m looking forward to meeting other Salvationists my age and fellowshiping with them. I also want to see the Salvation Army in a different light and experience the full extent of our ministry.”

Sunglim (Ruth) Choi

Age: 19
Location: Germantown, Maryland

Caribbean Team

“I chose SSC because I wanted to be once again pushed out of my comfort zone and fall into the unknown and graciously be caught by our loving God.”

Angela Morris, Leader

Age: 22
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
School: Asbury University

“I want to be used for the glory of God and see the Power of God through other cultures.”

Cornelius Walton, Leader

Age: 20
Location: Vicksburg, Mississippi
School: Hinds Community College

“I know the amazing things that God did in my life last summer and I am ready to let him continue blessing me.”

Jasmine Flores

Age: 20
Location: Gainesville, Georgia
School: University of North Georgia
Major: Early Childhood & Special Education

“I want an opportunity to share with other’s the love the Lord has shown me and to allow the Lord to do a good work in me and through me.”

Jeremy Griffin

Age: 20
Location: Greenwood, Mississippi
Job: Baylor Custodian, Salvation Army Family Store

“I enjoy serving. I want to take part in something that is greater in me.”

Jemima Milfort

Age: 22
Location: Haiti
School: Florida Southwestern State College