‘Holz Hall’ rededicated at Camp Walter Johnson

By: Major Frank Duracher

The Salvation Army’s Camp Walter Johnson has a newly-rededicated structure designed to enhance the spiritual and character-building programs offered year-round to all ages in the North and South Carolina Division. The rededication ceremony of “Holz Hall” was led by divisional leaders Lt. Colonels Jim & Linda Arrowood and Lt. Colonel Emeline Holz, the widow of Lt. Colonel David Holz.

The service was conducted during this year’s SAROA (Salvation Army Retired Officers Association) Retreat.

“It’s surreal for Linda and me to participate in this honor for Lt. Colonels Holz, as they were our divisional leaders here in the Carolinas when we went to Training, and during our first appointments in this division,” Lt. Colonel Jim observed.

“They have such a legacy, not only in the Carolinas, but across the Southern Territory for their gentle spirit and excellent leadership. They have touched so many lives and it is an honor for us to name this facility ‘Holz Hall.’”

Lt. Colonel Linda Arrowood offered a dedicatory prayer, and Lt. Colonel Emeline Holz was brought forward for the official ribbon-cutting and her comments recalling some of the Holz family history through the decades as well as the service to God and mankind given by her husband and herself.

Although tributes were offered for the Holz Family at large, much of the dedicatory tone was naturally directed toward David, who was Promoted to Glory in January 2017.

“We were divisional leaders for seven years here, and I believe the growth of completed property projects (in North and South Carolina) is unsurpassed,” Lt. Colonel Emeline said.

She also commented on how much her husband loved the outdoors and that he would often come to Camp Walter Johnson for seclusion and prayer when the pressure of his office became quite heavy.

Colonel Emeline then unveiled a lovely, framed portrait of the couple, which will be displayed prominently in the building.

Holz Hall is used as a meeting space for luncheons, small worship gatherings, and camp classes. It is always employed as a café during youth and young adult events.

Divisional leaders assist Lt. Colonel Emeline Holz at the ribbon-cutting of Holz Hall.

Lt. Colonel Emeline Holz unveils a portrait of her and her husband at the conclusion of the rededication of Holz Hall.