L-R: Commissioner Willis Howell, Major Alan Wiltshire (R), Major Majorie Wiltshire (R), Major Algerome Newsome, Major Teresa Newsome, Major Grace Cumberbatch (R), Commissioner Barbara Howell

(Photo Credit: Laura Dake)

Historic installation of new Divisional Leaders in Georgia

Majors Algerome and Teresa Newsome were officially installed on Sunday, March 28 as the Divisional Leaders for the Georgia Division. The Newsomes have been a part of the USA Southern Territory’s fabric for over 34 Years.

Teresa came to the Army at age 6 through the Sunbeam Program. Algerome met the Army at age 13 through the Boy Scouts Program. Teresa entered the School for Officer’s Training from Toccoa, Georgia, while Algerome entered from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Majors Newsome have spent 21 years of serving in Field Appointments, with 13 ½ years at Headquarters appointments. They have woven a legacy of faith and love across the Southern Territory.

The Newsomes are in this position because of the excellence of their service and leadership. It is also significant, however, to note that Major Algerome is the first African American to serve in the Southern Territory as a divisional commander.