Guitar Center Donates $5 million in Merchandise

The effort to strengthen musical programs in local corps just got a boost. The Guitar Center donated $5.2 million in musical merchandise to The Salvation Army’s four U.S. territories. The merchandise includes mixers, lighting controllers, microphones, guitar effect pedals, guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, speakers and other items.

The entire donation filled 14 40-foot trucks. The allotment to the USA South filled seven 28-foot trucks which were unloaded at the North-South Carolina Division’s disaster warehouse in Ridgeland, South Carolina. Each division will receive 16 pallets of merchandise, and Evangeline Booth College will receive a portion as well.

The divisions picked up their allotments in mid-January. Bernie Dake of the territorial Music Department coordinated the sorting and distribution of the goods, and Daniel Delaney was hired to organize the merchandise for distribution to the divisions.


Photo by Keri Shay for SAConnects Magazine.