From The Editor: Find Your Ministry

By: Kristin Mudge

Growing up as pastor’s kids, we were always expected to be leaders in our peer groups and representatives of Christ and the Church wherever we went. When I was little, I interpreted this as being the first to answer all the questions in Sunday school, and as I grew older it became figuring out how to fit in while maintaining standards and integrity, living as a light in sometimes dark places.

Now having spent over 30 years with this mentality, I naturally find myself seeking out ways to be creative in ministry. In my past few jobs, I’ve been able to utilize that to craft meaningful worship experiences at divisional and camp events, and it has influenced the way I tell stories, writing with purpose to provide the best impact of a testimony.

We are all called to use our creativity, but we don’t always have to be the ones to invent new programs or generate brand new ministry opportunities. There are countless other Christians who have utilized their own gifts and talents to open doors for God to work in peoples’ lives. Sometimes we’re called to participate in the ministries of others.

This Christmas season, as you and your family are looking for ways to make an impact in your community, you don’t have to create a big event or come up with some new program; you can find ways to participate in ministry through Angel Tree, Kettles, supporting our partners around the world through World Services giving, or by simply joining in worship at your local corps. God has already impressed these methods of ministry upon His people, providing us with paths to walk alongside one another to make a difference.

If God is leading you to create new avenues to serve His Kingdom, that’s wonderful! But He is calling all of us to serve, and there are already so many ways you can get involved in meaningful ministry in your community. If you love music, start a praise and worship team or join the corps band. If you are gifted in youth ministry, consider teaching Sunday school. If you like building things, or you love dogs, there are programs like men’s ministries and Paw Parties that you can be a part of or start a version of in your corps. We are all called to love, serve, and disciple in our own communities. You can discover your own unique place in ministry by contacting your local corps officer.