Summer can be a busy time with moves, camp, vacation and more. Maybe you’re getting a little overwhelmed and need an easy idea for bible study or a Sunday night meeting at the corps? Well there is no need to worry. Here are five quick, easy ideas that you can replicate at your corps that are sure to be fun and enjoyable!

          • Cookout with Canned Goods
            Have a BBQ at the corps, enjoy the sunshine and encourage corps members to bring a few canned goods. You can pack some food boxes at the end of the night that will bless families in your local community.

          • Corps Face-lift
            Remember this post on ways to celebrate Earth Day? Well it’s time to pick up some flowers, grab your gardening tools and beautify your corps with a mini face-lift.

          • Pack Care Packages for Campers
            I love this idea from Captain Nicole Parker in Lubbock, Texas. Pull together snacks, little presents, some paper to write notes and TA-DA you are going to make a few campers very HAPPY (see what I did there #happycampers).

          • Game Night/Movie Night
            Encourage everyone to bring their favorite family game (personally I’m a big fan of Life or Apples to Apples), pop some popcorn, play a summer classic (The Parent Trap anyone) and everyone will be happy!

          • Gifts for the Neighborhood
            via My Sisters Suitcase Blog
            via My Sisters Suitcase Blog
            Stop by the dollar store, pick up some hand soap, print off these adorable tags and you’ve got a present for the neighbors. You can split up into teams, say hi to the neighbors and invite them to church (make sure to include a little bulletin listing all the corps programs and times).