Transportation to and from the hotel can be done several ways:

Rental Car

If you wish to rent a car, as a reminder, parking at the hotel is free.


Greater Atlanta Airport Shuttle, Tel.No. 678-851-7063,

Round trip shuttle service $40.00 per person.  Please note: reservations need to be made ahead of time.  If something happens and your plane is delayed, they will still transport.  The shuttle leaves every hour. Payment:  Payment is with a credit card when the delegate makes reservation.  If the delegate decides to pay cash when they are at the airport, the driver will take care of it and cancel the credit card.

Public Transportation

Take the Red or Gold Northbound train from the Airport to Art Center Station.  Transfer and take Bus #10 to Cumberland Mall.  Use the Pedestrian Bridge to walk from the mall to the Convention Center.  Inside the Convention Center, there is a walk way to the Hotel.  Please be aware, this is a long walk and will be cumbursome with luggage.