Volunteer Information

Thank you for Volunteering for the 2012 Art of Human Resources Conference!  Please see below for the duties and responsibilities for each position.  Please note that there will be a Volunteer meeting from 8:15 – 8:30 pm Sunday night (After Registration closes).

Moderator – You job consists of being the main lead in the room during the session.  You will greet Delegates as they walk in, make sure the evaluations are handed out, and keep the room on schedule.  You will have an introduction and Bio of the Speaker to read, and you will have closing remarks, and the gift to present to the Speaker.  You will also be placing stickers on attendance records for all Delegates who will be tracking CEU information.

Runner – Each Runner, along with another Volunteer, will be assigned two rooms.  You will be outside of these rooms during the break period between sessions to be support for the Moderators in your assigned rooms.  If the Moderator needs any assistance, they will be asking their Runner to notify the Volunteer Coordinator.  Once the sessions start, Runners are free to go to which ever session they choose – not just in the rooms they were assigned.

Registration Volunteer – You will be assisting Registration Leads with handing out materials to Delegates.  Please be at the Registration Desks 5 minutes before your shift is to start.

Sales Volunteers – You will be assisting with the sale of Tee shirts and Books from our Speakers

ALL VOLUNTEERS – When you are not assigned a specific shift, please always be willing and ready to assist Moderators or Runneers when able.  Our Moderators will need assistance when handing out stickers for our CEU trackers and your assistance will be very valuable to keep everyone on schedule!