Don’t Let Your Arrogance Cause Disabling Ignorance

The Struggles of Personhood

A powerful poem written years ago by Major David Laeger, The Source of True Acumen,  stated in essence, how can I express myself as I am not even fully known to myself.   A quick look at Harvard Business Review Managing Oneself gives the challenge “discover where your intellectual arrogance is causing disabling ignorance and overcome it.”  I am confident that I am yet fully known.  I have done enough counseling to know that this is true of many others.  I find comfort that living in the shadow of the Creator will allow all things to become more clear.

The Source of True Acumen – Who can know the heart of a man by sight alone?How can a man know another’s heart, if he knows not his own?  Who can understand a moment in a man’s days, if he has not known the years of his ways?  How can a man judge another’s flaws without knowing the complex of cause? []

Who discerns ways without bias if the Way Himself does not guide us?
Who discerns truth in its wholeness, without Truth Himself dwelling in us?
Who discerns justly our poverty or riches, without Life Himself affecting our senses?

We must acknowledge the reflections upon our lives.  There are reflections of geography.  There are reflections of demographics.  There are reflections of faith or the choice of none.  There are the reflections of friends, family and other significant relationships.

Who gets to decide who you are?

Reflections of geography are easier to determine during election years.  Red state.  Blue state.  Purple state.  Where you live has a determination on the news you see,11 Nations the message you hear and the circumstance you experience it in .  There are 11 Nations in the US.  I have lived in Yankeedom, the Deep South, Greater Appalachia,  the New France, and the Spanish Caribbean.  I have called each one home and experienced loving relationships in each region.  Is there any wonder that I speak an unclear language?


Reflections of demographics are more subtle across the nation.  Time labs has mapped out the projections of the what the country will look like in our future.  Are you part of America’s past or America’s future.  This simple question significantly affects how you hear politicians debate, read the newspaper, or advocate for policy.  I am proudly from Pittsburg, NH, which represents the demographics of the country in 1930.  The region I come from probably 1915.  I live in Florida which is reflective of what the country will look like in 2029.  I love going home to 1930.  I love living in 1929.  I have also lived in 1993, 2000, and 2006 demographics.  In some locations I have appreciated the diversity and in others the sameness.

Reflections of my subgroup are changing.  White, men, college educated, are Pew Researchincreasingly unaffiliated with religious groups according to Pew Research.  The landscape of faith is changing around us and our place in it is reflected.  If I were to mix the Pew Research with say news agency reviews, social media, protestors, people who believe the same kind of different,  then I would be even more challenged for peace.

What was isn’t.  What will be isn’t.  What is?

Be intentional then in who you are and determine who you will reflect.  I have chosen, as I have been chosen by faith, to reflect the One Creator.  G_d who is love calls me to love others.  I am but a poor reflection of what I am becoming.  I am o.k. with that.  I have many atheist, “none”, agnostic friends that do not believe in faith but in their own understanding.  I hope that I have pointed out that I do not understand my own understanding enough to believe in it.

Choose wisely who you reflect.  Your daily living depends on it.

Try meeting yourself.   Choose your mirror wisely.  I choose LOVE.

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