Trinka King offers coffee and donuts to her coworkers on National Donut Day for The Salvation Army.

COVID-19 heroes lauded on National Donut Day

By: Major Frank Duracher

Salvation Army personnel took advantage of the early morning shift change at the AdventHealth medical center in Hendersonville, North Carolina, to thank hospital personnel for their brave service during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event, coming on National Donut Day, also afforded the opportunity to share the Army’s doughnut history, going as far back as World War I.

Hospital employees were treated to fresh doughnuts, steaming coffee, a Salvation Army umbrella and handouts on the Army’s connection to National Donut Day.

Trinka King pulled “double duty” at the handout station, located at the hospital’s main entrance. She is a member of the Army’s advisory board, and for 12 years she has worked at AdventHealth Hendersonville in the Foundation Department as corporate development officer.

“My department’s role at AdventHealth is to raise money to offset costs, building construction and renovations, technology upgrades, equipment turnover, and to keep vital programs in play,” King said. “Because, when you land here (at the hospital), everything needs to be good!”

Ironically, in her role on the Hendersonville Advisory Board, the duties are much the same.

“It’s nice to share Salvation Army traditions and sharing about the Doughnut Lassies,” King said, explaining her double-role at this special event. “And it’s exciting to have our frontline workers come up for a ‘thank you’ cup of coffee and a doughnut in recognition of the hard work they continue to do during the pandemic.”

Lieutenant Joshua Smith, associate corps officer, agreed: “It’s important to us to thank the people on the frontlines for what they are doing. The Hendersonville Corps partners with AdventHealth Hendersonville to serve the community. We depend on their supports at Christmas and throughout the year.”