• Do I have to register in order to attend Congress?

    Yes! You will not be able to enter the venue without a pass. AND, registering allows you to enjoy and take part in everything the weekend has to offer – AND – you will receive a mileage grant which will help cover the cost of your travel to Atlanta!

    If you have children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years old and wish for them to be part of the child care, they must be registered for Congress AND registered with the child care provider by May 1.

    ***Session passes will be made available for those who would like to attend only one session.

  • I have family members and/or friends who are non-Salvationists* and would like to attend Congress. Can they register, and if so, how?

    Yes, everyone is welcome to attend Congress! They can register themselves through the website, or you can add their names to your own registration. Payment can be made online when signing up – to get started, click here!

    *Non-Salvationists – those who are not currently affiliated with a corps.

  • What’s the deadline to register?

    Children 6 months to 6 years must be registered by May 1st – through the Congress event page AND through the child care provider.

    Children 7-17 years of age must be registered on the website by May 1st.

    Please Note: Walk up registration for child care and youth gatherings will not be offered at the event.

    Those wanting to receive a mileage grant have to be one of the first 4,000 people registered by May 1st.

    Registration for adults has no deadline – registration will also be available on site Friday for last minute attendees.

  • How much does it cost to attend? How do we pay?

    The registration fee for Congress is $50 per person regardless of age. If you are a Salvationist/attend a corps, your corps officer will collect payment at a later date. If you do not attend a corps or Adult Rehabilitation Center, payment may be made online during the registration process.

  • Is there financial assistance available?

    Yes! We are happy to offer a mileage grant to the first 4,000 registered (by May 1) delegates who register through a corps. No need to apply – just by registering you are qualified for the grant.

  • What if I need to cancel?

    While we’d love for you to join us for this amazing weekend, we know that sometimes life gets in the way. Should you have to withdraw from the event, let your corps officer know and ask them to cancel your registration. A refund will be issued if payment had already been made.

  • What if my corps can’t help me financially to attend?

    We know that there are financial burdens that might make it hard for your corps to send delegates. To help defray those costs, we’re offering mileage grants to the first 4,000 registered delegates. As for the $50 registration fee, cost of food and lodging – if you can’t contribute personally – reach out to your corps officer and see what the opportunities there are for fundraising.

  • Who is responsible for booking hotel rooms?

    Two options – You can either ask your corps officer to include you in the group’s hotel arrangements, or you can make your own. Visit this site to view Congress hotels.

  • Am I able to edit my registration after it has already been submitted?

    Once you have submitted your registration form, you can add people under your name by signing into your account, clicking on page 2 and then adding the names. If this does not work, please contact Freda Bullock (

  • Will there be a divisional report sent out with updates on who has registered?

    Divisional Liaisons will receive updated reports every Friday afternoon.

  • How is mileage determined for the mileage grant?

    Mileage is being determined by the number of miles between your corps and the Infinite Energy Center. Delegates will receive this grant after Congress weekend (more information to come).

  • What are the financial arrangements for Retired Officers for Congress?

    Retired officers may receive financial assistance through the mileage grant.


  • Is there financial assistance available?

    Yes! We’re pleased to announce that the first 4,000 delegates registered by May 1 through a corps will receive a mileage grant. Please see the Registration section of this page for more information.

  • Will there be translation services?

    Yes, we will be offering translation in Spanish and Korean.

  • Will there be something for the whole family?

    Absolutely! The weekend is chock full of things to see and do, with activities for all ages. Click on Gatherings in the main menu to read up on more specific opportunities to engage!

  • Is childcare available?

    Yes, childcare is available for those between the ages of 6 months and 6 years old and at no cost. PLEASE NOTE: To utilize this service, your children must be registered through the Congress website AND through Accent on Arrangements (Congress child care provider) by May 1st.

    For more information, please select Gatherings in the menu.

  • What’s the dress code for the weekend?

    Officers, please wear full uniform (no hats) all weekend.  We would love to see soldiers in full uniform if you have it, it will be appropriate for soldiers to be in black and white if you don’t have tunics.  If not, appropriate “dress” clothing should be worn.

  • What should I bring?

    Hmmm… let’s see! First up should be your Bible, your uniform if you wear one; if you have a portable phone charger, pack one for those long days – and maybe a light jacket if the meeting room is chilly. And maybe a portable fan because it’s Hot-lanta, after all.

  • What other costs can I expect for the weekend?

    Let’s break it down!

    • $50 registration fee
    • Cost of travel (minus mileage grant for those who register)
    • Hotel – 2 to 3 nights
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday
    • Breakfast and lunch on Sunday
    • Cash for special offering
    • Shopping Trade South
    • Shopping additional vendors that will be on site
  • Will there be a special offering taken up?

    Yes, more info to come!

  • Will Trade South be at Congress?

    Trade South will be located in Exhibit Hall C during Congress weekend. Their hours are:

    Thursday: 1:00-6:00pm
    Friday: 10:00am-7:00pm
    Saturday: 8:00am-7:00pm

    Shop now at

  • Are there any opportunities to volunteer?

    Bless your heart, we’re glad you asked! We’d love to have you on our team. Please contact to learn more on how you can volunteer!


  • Is there parking at Infinite Energy Center? Does it cost money?

    Yes, there is parking at the Infinite Energy Center and it’s FREE! However, due to ongoing construction, the number of spaces are limited. We suggest carpooling when possible and/or arriving early to ensure you secure a parking spot!

  • Is there anything I’m not allowed to bring into the venue?

    No firearms, alcohol or outside food. Make sure to check out the venues A-Z guide to ensure you’re prepared for the Congress weekend!

  • Are there restaurants near the IEC?

    Absolutely! In fact, we broke down options for you:


    • $ – Georgia French Bakery & Cafe
    • $$ – Maple Street Biscuit Company – Parsons Alley
    • $$ – La Belle Vie
    • $$ – Famous Toastery


    • $ – La Mixteca Tamale
    • $ – RW’s Subs
    • $ – MJ Korean Tacos & Wings
    • $ – Grandma’s NY Pizza
    • $ – Which Wich
    • $$ – Alebrije Mexican Cuisine
    • $$ – Cafe Raik
    • $$ – Fresh Bowl Thai
    • $$ – Hibachi Yum
    • $$ – Wow Poke N Juice
    • $$ –  Sushi Osaka
    • $$ – Athens Kouzzina
    • $$$ – Breakers Korean BBQ & Grill
    • $$$ – 9292 Korean BBQ


    • $ – La Mixteca Tamale
    • $ – MJ Korean Tacos & Wings
    • $ – Grandma’s NY Pizza
    • $$ – Alebrije Mexican Cuisine
    • $$ – Cafe Raik
    • $$ – Fresh Bowl Thai
    • $$ – Hibachi Yum
    • $$ – Wow Poke N Juice
    • $$ –  Sushi Osaka
    • $$ – Athens Kouzzina
    • $$$ – Cap’t Loui
    • $$$ – Breakers Korean BBQ & Grill
    • $$$ – 9292 Korean BBQ


    • $ – Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe
    • $ – Arte 3 Cafe
    • $ – Cafe Crepes Square
    • $ – Cafe Rothem
    • $$ – I Love Juice Bar


  • Will Congress be live-streamed?

    Yes! Congress will be live-streamed on the Call to Mission Facebook page. Follow now to stay up to date and in the know on all things Congress!

  • How can I help promote this event?

    You can spread the word by:

    • Encouraging everyone to attend! Friends, family, youth, former Salvationists – invite them to join in on the weekend
    • Share our posts on Facebook – post them on your personal account, share them to corps and group pages, etc
    • Include Congress promo in your Sunday bulletins, corps newsletters; put flyers out, promo slides up on the screens on Sundays
    • Send ‘invites’ to your Facebook friends to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the Call to Mission Facebook page
    • Not on social media? Share this website!
  • How can I stay up to date on everything Congress?

    Thanks for asking because you will NOT want to miss all the news and updates leading up to the event!

    Follow us on Facebook, join the mailing list and check back on this website!


For more information, please contact your divisional liaison:

ALM – Captain Lorie Hunter –

AOK – Major Doris Lawrence –

FL – Major Cameron Henderson –

GA – Captain Philip Canning –

KT – Major Bobby Jackson –

MWV – Major Lynda Thornhill –

NCV – Captain Nicole Bell –

NSC – Major Bethany Hawks –

TX – Lt. Colonel Ronnie Raymer –

ARCC – Major Liz Wilson –

EBC – Major Ed lee –

THQ – Freda Bullock –