June 3, 2022

8:30 AM            Trade opens at THQ Trade Department
8:45 AM            Registration Check-in – Atlanta Temple Corps Lobby
9:30 AM            Temple Corps Doors Open
10:00 AM          Commencement Service – Atlanta Temple Corps (WILL BE LIVESTREAMED)
11:30 AM           Registration Check-in – Atlanta Temple Corps Lobby
12:00 PM          Silver Star Luncheon – THQ – By invitation only
4:00 PM            Registration Check-in – GICC – Lobby
4:30 PM            Trade closes
6:15 PM             GICC doors open
6:45 PM            Registration closes
7:00 PM            Worship Arts Opening Session “Rise Up”

June 4, 2022

8:00 AM            Registration Check-in
8:15 AM             GICC doors open
9:00 AM            Worship Arts General Session “Rise and Shine”
10:30 AM          Registration Check-in  (final)
11:00 AM           Worship Arts Workshops – please register
2:00 PM            Worship Arts Workshops – please register
4:00 PM            Long Service Recognition Dinner – Marriott Gateway Jetstream Ballroom “Rhythms of Grace”- By invitation only
6:15 PM             GICC doors open
7:00 PM             Worship Arts General Session “Kingdom on the Rise”
10:00 PM           Young Adult Late Night Event at Atlanta Kroc Center with Comedian Andrew Stanley

June 5, 2022

8:45 AM            GICC doors open
9:30 AM            Commissioning & Ordination Service – Messengers of Reconciliation Session (WILL BE LIVESTREAMED)
11:45 AM           Lunch in various locations
1:15 PM             GICC doors open
2:00 PM            Celebration Service “Rise Up and Go Forth”

*More details coming soon*

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