Promoted to Glory: Commissioner Lenora Feener

Commissioner Lenora “Lennie” Feener was Promoted to Glory on December 8, 2023, following a heart bypass procedure.

On December 26, 1945, in the small town of Noggin Cove, Newfoundland, Stanley and Sophie Tippett welcomed Lenora Blanche into the world. She grew up at the local corps where, from the time she could crawl, she was a very active member. At some point in her young life Lenora felt God calling her to full-time service as a Salvation Army officer.

Lenora Tippett entered the training college in St John’s, Newfoundland, from her home corps of Carmanville North, as a cadet in the Defenders of the Faith session. During her time in training, she met the life-long partner God had intended for her, Cadet Max Feener, who courted her throughout their time at the college. She was commissioned as a Salvation Army officer on July 11, 1966, and her first appointment was to Hampden corps, where she remained for just one year before her marriage to Lieutenant Max Feener in June 1967.

Together, Lieutenants Feener served at Cottle’s Island for the next year, where they received the rank of captain. Further corps appointments followed – at Clarenville, Dildo/New Harbour, Gambo and Springdale.

In June 1978, together with her husband, Captain Lennie Feener was appointed to the Newfoundland Trade Department, followed by further corps appointments at North York Temple, Corner Brook Temple (where she received the rank of major), and Scarborough Citadel.

Divisional ministry came in June 1995 with Major Lennie Feener’s appointment as Divisional League of Mercy Secretary and Coordinator of Volunteer Services in the Ontario West Division, which appointments she held for the next three years.

In July 1998 Major Feener commenced her appointment as Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries in the Newfoundland West and Labrador Division, moving to Newfoundland East Division in October 1999, with the rank of lieutenant colonel, and then to the Ontario Central Division from June 2001 until August 2002, when she was appointed Assistant Divisional Secretary for Program in that division.

An international move to the Southern Africa Territorial Headquarters came in July 2003, with the appointment as Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries. This was followed in July 2006 by the now Commissioner Lennie Feener’s appointment to the USA Southern Territorial Headquarters as Territorial President of Women’s Ministries. It was from this appointment that Commissioner Feener entered honored retirement on July 31, 2011, remaining in the USA Southern Territory.

Commissioner Lennie’s family writes, “Across the miles and through their many appointments the Feeners ministered to crowds of thousands as well as one-on-one. They preached in great cathedrals and in canvas tents in the African wilderness. They prayed over congregations in 49 countries around the world, and every night they prayed over each other in the quiet of their personal time.

“Hers is a story of partnership as well as ministry. Lennie was a pulpit equal, a gifted preacher who used her simple and humble upbringing to render the profound truths of Scripture accessible to all. Her annual re-reading of the Bible always kept her freshly inspired with a word from the Lord, through His servant, for His people.”

Both the Canada and Bermuda Territory and the USA Southern Territory give thanks for a life of faithful service given by Commissioner Lennie Feener and know that her life has impacted and influenced many people in each of the places and appointments in which she served.

We offer our condolences and assurance of our prayers to her husband, Commissioner Max Feener, to their three children, Dean, Sheldon, and Sue-Ann, and to all their family-members including her children’s spouses, her seven grandchildren, and her seven great-grandchildren (with another on the way).