‘Silver Bells’ Honors Seniors Caring for Children

The new corps Silver Bells program intentionally focuses on seniors who are also caregivers to the children we serve.

Truth for Today

We pause once again in the busyness of our hectic and frenetic lives to give thanks to God for his wondrous gift.

Let Light of Christ Shine

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you find yourself, regardless of location, circumstances or surroundings, be sure to let the brightness of Christ shine through you.

Santa’s Helpers in Louisville

Like Santa’s elves, Chip Miller of the Kyana Woodcrafters Association has been busy this season.

New approach helping Georgia corps thrive

The Lawrenceville, Georgia, Corps has created a new approach to character-building programs to attract people who are unfamiliar with The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army 2017 International Conference of Leaders held in LA

Leaders agreed that they need to create space and freedom for people to explore a range of relevant issues within their territories and commands.

Florida Youth, Leaders Collaborate to Create New Spoken Word Album

Bridge the Gap Initiative Builds Healthy Families, Communities in AOK

Memphis Youth Group Gives, Prays, Serves