Carolinas kids won’t be disappointed on Easter morning

By: Major Frank Duracher

Salvation Army staff and volunteers in several corps in the North and South Carolina Division are making sure that children awaiting a visit from the Easter Bunny won’t be disappointed because of the COVID-19 crisis.

During Holy Week, Major Susan Rodgers and her group are filling Easter boxes to be delivered in time for the holiday commemorating the triumphant resurrection of Christ.

“These boxes contain Easter Sunday dinner (items), filled Easter eggs for the kids to do their own egg hunt at home and Easter candy for the entire family,” Major Susan said.

The box also contains Easter Sunday kid’s activity sheets, family worship programs, toilet paper and hand soap. She also includes an Easter devotional book she had already purchased to give out on Easter Sunday long before this crisis rudely interrupted the corps church calendar.

Meanwhile in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Lieutenant Katie Tate has the Spartanburg Advisory Board members on hand to fill similar Easter boxes that will be distributed to community center and corps member families, with plans to complete the project before Good Friday.

“We have 600 eggs filled with candy to go along with card games, coloring books, crayons, sidewalk chalk and a devotional thought,” Lieutenant Katie said.

“Our hope is to bring the family together through these activities and let them know that The Salvation Army is still thinking and praying for them during these difficult days.”