Camp Rappahannock Thanks First Responders

By: Karen Yoho

For the second time in just a few months, the Richardsville Volunteer Fire and Rescue visited The Salvation Army’s Camp Rappahannock in Virginia. This second visit was at the invitation of the Potomac Division to share their praise and thanks for the volunteers’ efforts to extinguish a forest fire on September 7, 2023.

“The fire was only 200 yards from the tree line behind the chapel,” said Major Bobby Parker, divisional youth secretary. “We were thankful for the multi-agency response from local and state emergency personnel.”

In addition to the Richardsville team, nine fire and forestry teams worked toward containing the blaze. That included the Virginia Department of Forestry, which assisted with digging trenches around the camp perimeter to contain the flames over 60 acres. Water was pumped from the camp’s lake with a drone team monitoring active fires, wind shifts, and threatened areas.

“We were very blessed,” said Lenny Grove, Camp Rappahannock facilities supervisor. “It was like God was blowing it back in the other direction away from camp. Thanks to all those firefighters for coming out fast and getting it under control.”

The follow-up visit from the Fire and Rescue to Camp Rappahannock came in the form of an appreciation dinner in October. This time, they brought in fire and rescue equipment for officer families to see up close, with The Salvation Army again expressing its tremendous gratitude.