Bill and Diane Ury Named National Ambassadors for Holiness

By: Major Frank Duracher

Dr. William and Diane Ury, renowned exponents of Wesleyan Holiness, have been named by Commissioner David Jeffrey (USA National Commander) as National Ambassadors for Holiness (NAH), effective July 2017. This new addition to the National Headquarters team offers a unique opportunity for The Salvation Army to further emphasize our place as a holiness movement and call our people to both a holiness experience and holy living.

The NAH will serve as teachers, writers, and communicators of the evangelistic mission of the Army, spiritual formation, Bible Study, and our holiness doctrine and history—serving as guest speakers/teachers at Salvation Army events in all four USA territories, including Officer Councils, Retreats, Bible Conferences, Family Camps, divisional and territorial youth events, and other similar gatherings. Their first official event occurs this month at the National Seminar on Evangelism in Glen Eyrie, Colorado.

The NAH are responsible for encouraging and nurturing the holiness movement in The Salvation Army, engaging Salvationists in seeking the life of holiness, proclaiming the doctrine of holiness, and emphasizing the practice of holy living as a continuing characteristic of Salvationism. They will write articles for national and territorial publications as needed.

The NAHs will serve as adjunct professors at any of the four CFOTs, as requested, as well as providing pastor/spiritual support at national conferences. They will seek out opportunities to mentor future Salvation Army leaders.

Another function will be to devise, initiate, and contribute content for interactive programs via the Internet to advance holiness and holy living, working in close operation with others within the Program Section/Christian Education Department. The NAHs will make an annual visit to The Salvation Army Student Fellowship Center at Asbury University, support the relationship between the university and the Salvation Army Student Fellowship (SASF), and engage with the SASF Leadership Council and students.

Prior to becoming Salvation Army Soldiers of the Raleigh, North Carolina Corps in May 2017, the Urys served as ordained ministers within the Evangelical Methodist Church.

Bill completed his M. Phil. and Ph.D in Theological and Religious Studies at Drew University (Madison, New Jersey) in 1991. Prior to that, Dr. Ury earned his M. Div. in 1983 at Asbury Theological Seminary. He was Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at Wesley Biblical Seminary (Jackson, Mississippi) from 1989-2012; and pastored the Elizabeth City (North Carolina) EMC from 2012-2017.

Diane attended Asbury University from 1980-1983, earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. She continued study at Asbury Seminary with a concentration in Theology and Philosophy. In 2008 Diane completed a Master of Arts Degree in Theology at Wesley Biblical Seminary.