Arkansas family finds hope through The Salvation Army

For so many families across the nation, the COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout has created hardship and frustration, with many families struggling to meet basic needs. The Leslie family in Mountain Home, Arkansas is no exception.

On top of the challenges many face, Beth Leslie was diagnosed with Metaplastic Breast Cancer — a cancer so rare it accounts for less than one percent of all breast cancers diagnosed.

This revelation created additional financial hardship for the family. This included several trips to Little Rock for treatments, numerous doctor and specialist visits, and physical challenges including various degrees of sickness and fatigue while battling the disease.

Stan Leslie, along with Beth and their children, Kendra, Sebestian and Patricia, have powered through these difficult days with love, encouragement, prayer support and some help from The Salvation Army.

“We were blessed at Christmas by being part of the Salvation Army Angel Tree program and the Blessing Basket at Easter,” said Stan. “But one of the best programs that our children have benefited from has been the Kid’s Klub after school program. Every Wednesday our children have a fun place to go. They learn a bible lesson, participate in the characters building program (called Sunbeams and Adventure Corps) learn songs, play games and enjoy a snack and a hot meal before leaving. Patricia will ask almost every day, ‘Daddy is it Kid’s Klub Day?'”

Today, the Leslie family is doing well. Stan continues to provide for his family, Beth is in remission, and the children are navigating another crazy school year. The Salvation Army thanks God for His goodness and faithfulness during the Leslie family’s time of greatest need.