A $250,000 gift from an anonymous donor in Savannah, Georgia, will help support such Salvation Army services as program bags to residents from the Senior Women’s Ministry. Major Karen Egan delivers a bag to an individual at home. Each bag contains a devotional, history of Arbor Day, games about Arbor Day, May flowers, a small gift and a variety of canned food.

Anonymous donor gives $250K to Salvation Army in Savannah

An anonymous donor has given $250,000 to The Salvation Army in Savannah, Georgia, to make urgently needed repairs to its Community Center and to apply toward its emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Savannah CEO newsletter, the Savannah Community Foundation announced the gift from a donor-advised fund, $150,000 of which will go toward roof repairs at The Salvation Army Community Center on Bee Road. The 27-year-old building is being used as an additional shelter, separate from the men’s shelter, to ensure adequate social distancing for homeless women and children.

It also houses children’s after-school programs, the corps rehabilitation program for those seeking to be free of drug and alcohol abuse, a summer day camp, a senior citizens program, adult fitness and children’s music classes, and worship services and Sunday School.

“This amazing donation gives us the opportunity to make substantial improvements to the infrastructure of our community center,” said Major Paul Egan, Savannah Corps officer. “We will be able to run much more efficiently for months and years to come.”

The remainder of the donation will support The Salvation Army’s response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The Army has been providing rent, utility and food assistance, along with emotional and spiritual care, to households whose breadwinners have been laid off or furloughed or have had their working hours reduced due to the virus.

Lt. Colonel William G. Mockabee, Georgia divisional commander, said, “This generous donation continues to motivate us to do the most good as we use the resources as well as meeting the needs of the people that come to us. This will help to significantly change people’s lives.”