A soul-stirring meeting under the direction of the Chief of Staff and World Secretary for Spiritual Life Development

By: Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was the scene for a lively and Spirit-filled meeting led by the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham and World Secretary for Spiritual Life Development, Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham. Supported by the International Zonal Leaders for the Americas and Caribbean Zone, Commissioners Edward and Shelley Hill as well as the USA Southern Territory Leaders and staff headed by Commissioners Willis and Barbara Howell, the real stars were the men of the ARC.

Energetic preliminary music by the praise band added to the anticipation of God’s blessing as it ushered in the special guests. Administrators of the center, Majors Greg and Tammy Davis welcomed everyone and after other preliminaries, the heart of the program was highlighted when graduates of the ARC were recognized for their faithfulness and accomplishment.

After Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham shared her testimony, a heartfelt rendition of “I am Redeemed” by the ARC Men’s Chorus set the table for the Chief of the Staff’s message. Reminding them that all need God’s grace, Commissioner Buckingham urged the men to give themselves to the Lord unreservedly, reminding them that God is able to do anything for anyone who yields themselves to Him.

During the time of decision, the altar was crowded to overflowing by those whose hearts had been touched and who sought the Lord for either salvation or for continued strength to live for Christ. The vocal benediction of “Total Praise” sent everyone on their way with an abiding assurance of God’s presence and help for the days ahead.

Photo Credit: Jon Avery