730 Weekend moved to January

By: Brad Rowland

Each year, the USA Southern Territory hosts 730 Weekend, an event targeted to soldiers who have an interest and calling to become Salvation Army officers. Individuals from across the territory come together in Atlanta, Georgia, for fellowship, mission and worship, with the benefit of experiencing life on campus at the Evangeline Booth College.

Under normal circumstances, 730 Weekend operates in conjunction with the territorial welcome of cadets, with the group attending the public welcome meeting on Saturday afternoon. This year, however, the schedule of 730 Weekend will be shifting due to COVID-19 concerns, with the move from September to a rescheduled date of Jan. 15 through Jan. 17.

“COVID-19 is really the biggest challenge when it comes to bringing all of these people together in September,” said Captain Jervonne Hinton, territorial candidate’s secretary. “Normally, people are truly immersed with the cadets and their families on campus, and they are flying in from all over the Southeast. We think this is a change that can be beneficial for us and those who would come to be in fellowship with us.”

While the public welcome of the cadets remains scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 12 at the Atlanta Temple Corps, plans are in the works for the 730 Weekend to shift its normal activities to January, while even expanding in its scope. Attendees are offered classes on Salvation Army doctrine, history, financial implications for enrollment at the Evangeline Booth college and much more. In addition, interviews and tours of the campus are available, with opportunities for ministry in the Atlanta community.

“Each year, we do an open-air ministry during the weekend, letting attendees know what it’s like to experience the area and to come in contact with those that we often minister to in The Salvation Army. This is a chance to be with the hurting, the broken and those who are facing real challenges and need the light of God.”

At present, a territorial young adult weekend is planned for the same weekend in January, with discussions on a potential crossover between the two gatherings. Additional information can be found at 730days.org, and those interested can contact their corps officer, divisional candidate’s secretary, and/or Captain Hinton for more details and potential registration.

“We’re looking for people who have an interest or have sensed the call to officership,” Captain Hinton said. “Even if you’re not certain, you are more than welcome to come to the weekend and fellowship with us.”