Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who books the hotel rooms?

A: DHQ or Corps Officers can book hotel rooms for their delegates. It is up to each unit to decide how they want to go about booking their rooms. The link to book hotel rooms is on our Congress website:

Q: I have family members and/or friends who are non-salvationists and would like to attend the Congress, can they register? If so, how?

A: Yes, they can register! Everyone, including non-salvationists, can register through the website. Non-salvationists will pay their $50 registration fee (per person) online.
*Non-Salvationists – those who are not currently affiliated with a corps.

Q: Am I able to edit my registration after it has already been submitted?

A:  Once you submit your registration form, you can add people under your name by signing into your account, clicking on page 2 and add additional individuals to your registration. If this does not work, please contact Freda Bullock.

Q: How do I pay my registration fee?

A: If you register through your corps or ARC, your registration fee will be billed to your corps. You will not need to pay online but will need to pay through the Corps when it is requested.

Q: Will there be a divisional report sent out with updates on who has registered?

A: Every Friday afternoon, there will be an updated report sent out to all Divisional Liaisons.

Q: Who is eligible for the Mileage Grant?

A: Everyone who registers through a corps is eligible for the Mileage Grant, no need to apply – just by registering you are qualified for the grant.

Q:  How is mileage determined?

A: Mileage is determined by the number of miles between the Corps address and the Infinite Energy Center.

Q: What are the financial arrangements for Retired Officers for the Congress?

A: The Mileage Grant will be their financial help for the Congress. Point of contact for retired officers will be the liaison of the division they are currently living in.

Q: Who is the divisional liaison for my division?

Divisional Liaisons