Territorial Music Institute

The Southern Territory’s Territorial Music Institute, otherwise known as TMI, is an 8-day intensive music & creative arts camp held annually at the end of each summer. With a lengthy history, TMI has helped to produce quality music and creative arts leaders across the Southern Territory and around the world for the past 60 years. With a wide range of instrumental, vocal, and creative arts instruction, and a variety of music and arts leadership seminars, TMI has been blazing the trail for Salvation Army music and creative arts leadership and instruction globally. For more information about TMI and how you can get involved, contact Nick Simmons-Smith.

The theme for the week will be BATTLE ORDERS! Captains Rob and Amy Reardon (National Headquarters, Alexandria, VA) will be our spiritual guides for the week, presenting daily worship services and sealed orders for evening devotions.

James and Marge Curnow are the special guests for the week, joining an outstanding faculty from around the territory.

TMI 2012

TMI Replay