Salvo Care

Verbal, physical, sexual – Domestic violence comes in many forms.  The Salvation Army is committed to serving victims of abuse.  In Australia, for instance, Salvo’s operate a women’s refuge program.  Trained caseworkers provide a safe place to stay, counseling, health care, childcare, legal support, and much more.  While in care, victims work toward regaining employment, attaining permanent housing, and reclaiming their lives.  For those still trapped in a cycle of abuse and unsure where to turn, the Army also provides a 24 hour counseling call-in line known as the “Salvo Care Line.”  Callers can speak to trained, sympathetic professionals who can direct them to treatment centers.  Similar programs are in operation across the globe.  Please consider helping a person break free from abuse in your neighborhood.

Bethany Centre

The Salvation Army of New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga Territory operates a residential care program for young pregnant women.  The Bethany Centre offers pre/post-natal accommodations, health care, parenting/life skills classes, adoption services, and more.  Women are also given the chance to draw strength from piers facing similar circumstances.  The centre is designed to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each participant; in this case mothers and their little ones.  Programs such as this can be found in countries throughout the world.  Please, help a mother and child build a solid foundation for healthy, successful lives in your community.

New Zealand Earthquake

The Salvation Army in New Zealand is responding after the city of Christchurch was hit by a huge earthquake on Tuesday 22 February – the second major earthquake to affect the city in less than six months. At least 65 people are known to have been killed and – at time of writing – hundreds are trapped in the debris.

The 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck at 12.51 pm local time, causing structural damage and total destruction of some buildings. Vehicles were crushed by falling debris. Medical triage centers have established around the city and the mayor of Christchurch has declared a state of emergency.

By late afternoon The Salvation Army was assisting more than 1,000 people at a welfare site established near the inner city at Hagley Park. Shocked and grief-stricken locals are temporarily being housed in large marquees that were already on site for a flower show.

Major Rex Cross, emergency services coordinator for The Salvation Army in Christchurch, said that The Salvation Army was calling its emergency response teams together. Travel across the city was extremely difficult, however, and people are being told to stay away from the city center.

Montary donations are encouraged to assist Salvation Army relief efforts which will meet material, emotional, and spiritual needs throughout the region.