Majors Dan & Alba Ford

Majors Dan & Alba Ford

Divisional Commander & Director of Women’s Ministries


Term Began: Sept. 2014

Work began in Brazil, August 1, 1922. Now there are 133 officers and
43 Corps with almost 2,500 soldiers.

Last appointment in the US was as Regional Coordinators in Waco, TX

Birthdays: Dan - April 27 Alba - May 23
Children: Dylan - Feb. 25, 2001

Anniversary: Jan. 23, 1993

Colonels Willis & Barbara Howell

Colonels Willis & Barbara Howell

Chief Secretary & Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries


Term Began: July 2014

Work began in New Zealand in 1883. First social work was a home for ex-prisoners.
Army became official in Fiji in 1973 and in Tonga in January of 1986.

Before this overseas appointment, the Howells were the Divisional leaders in the North & South Carolina Division.

Birthdays: Willis - March 3 Barbara - April 3

Anniversary: Feb. 11, 1978

Captains Mike & Cathy Michels

Captains Mike & Cathy Michels

Public Relations & Development Secretary, and Sec. for Spiritual Life Development & League of Mercy Secretary


Term Began: July 2017

The work began as early as 1887 in Kingston Jamaica and now includes 17 countries speaking 5 different languages. There are 129 corps, with almost 11,750 soldiers and approx 4,000 Jr. Soldiers

The Michels last appointment was Frederick, MD where they served 4 years as Corps Officers

Birthdays: Mike - Oct. 11 Cathy - June 4
Anniversary January 23, 1985
Daughter Cami’s Brithday -
Nov 15, 2003


Captains Ashish & Sandra Pawar

Captains Ashish & Sandra Pawar

Corps Officers, Southwark Corps


Term Began: August 2014

The foundation of the Territory dates from the earliest formation of the Salvation Army. Certain UK corps were first established as Christian Mission stations.

Prior to this assignment, for the previous four years, the Pawars were responsible for the Atlanta Kroc Center.

Birthdays: Ashish – Jan. 16 Sandra – Aug. 20
Daughters: Priya Grace – Feb. 9, 2011 & Alina Rose - Nov. 3, 2013

Anniversary: Oct. 15

Majors Dieter & Barbara Zimmerer

Majors Dieter & Barbara Zimmerer

Officers in charge of Denia, Spain


Term Began: July 2013

Since Dec. 1971, The Salvation Army has enjoyed full legal rights and has been permitted to carry on its work without hindrance. Spain is a Command with headquarters in Madrid.

Previously they served in Europe (Germany, Spain and Scotland). Dieter was born in Germany but trained to be an officer in the South.

Birthdays: Dieter – Oct. 18 Barbara – Oct. 21
Daughter Christina – July 30, 1999

Anniversary: June 28th

Majors Ken & Neva Phiouthong

Majors Ken & Neva Phiouthong

Resource and Development Officers at THQ


Term began: November 2013

The Salvation Army began in May of 1935 and spread to surrounding areas. Joined to Malaysia, it became a Command in 1956. In 1994 Myramar was added and they became a Territory in 2005.

Ken & Neva have a burning desire to see the Army’s work begin in Thailand, which is their homeland. They became US citizens and entered training to be commissioned in 2000 to the Nashville Laotian Corps. They have 2 sons.

Birthdays: Ken - Oct. 2, Neva – Feb. 5

Anniversary - Dec. 13th

Captains Chris & Jessica Welch

Captains Chris & Jessica Welch

Corps Officers of the Torre Pellice Corps


Term began: August 1, 2015

The flag was unfurled in 1887 but had to be removed. In 1893 the work was re-established and was recognized as a charitable organization. It wasn’t until 2009 that it received legal status as a religious body. In 2011, Greece became part of the command.

Lts. Welch entered training from Winter Haven, Florida and were commissioned in 2012 as Corps Officers in Ft. Walton Beach. Jessica is originally from Italy. They have a son.

Birthdays: Chris – July 22 Jessica – April 30

Son – Lian Matteo -- April 14, 2014
Son – Raphael Zane -- June 3, 2016

Anniversary - May 30th

Lt. Colonels Kelly & Donna Igleheart

Lt. Colonels Kelly & Donna Igleheart

Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries


Term began: August 1, 2015

The work began in 1883 and has faced many difficult situations over the years getting established on solid footing. The Army re-established a presence in Jan 2008 and received official recognition in March of that year.

Most recently the Iglehearts were our Terr. Program Secretaries and are known and loved throughout the South for their work with youth and love of missions. They have 3 grown daughters.

Birthdays:Kelly – October 29 Donna – April 30

Anniversary - June 20, 1981

Major Holly Needham

Major Holly Needham

Corps Officer for Dundee Central and Menzieschill Corps


Term began: July 13, 2016

The foundation of the territory dates from the earliest days. Certain corps were first established as Christian Mission stations.

Captain Needham was commissioned in 2002 and served in appointments in MWV and NCV Divisions. Before coming on the staff at the EBC, she was the Corps Officer in Grafton, W.Va. Holly comes from a long family history in the Army.

Birthday:April 9th

Major Bobby and Captain Anne Westmoreland

Major Bobby and Captain Anne Westmoreland

Territorial Secretary for Program and Youth Secretary


Term began: July 2017

The work began in Denmark in 1887 and in Greenland in 2013. There are over 1,200 soldiers attending more than 30 corps. The Army operates 4 recycling centers and numerous thrift stores throughout the country.

Birthdays: Bobby - April 23
Anne - July 28

Anniversary - December 28, 1992