Welcome fellow soldier!

Is there any blessing that compares with the opportunity to watch God change a life? Is there any blessing that compares to being used by God to help one who is suffering to experience the life of abundance that God offers here on Earth? Is there any blessing that compares to knowing that God used you to help a fallen brother find eternal life in fellowship with Jesus Christ? We are so blessed!

You are an important member of the largest army ever assembled in the history of this planet. Although everyone is called to be a Christian, not everyone is called to be a Salvationist. You and I have answered a special call from God.

Unlike most armies that disseminate information in one direction only, from the Commander to the front line, the Salvation Army embraces 21st century leadership by soliciting information that comes from you because there is no view of the war against sin that compares to the one that comes from the front line fighting soldier. Your input is extremely valuable.

TSINC, (Territorial Soldiers Ideas, Needs and Concerns), and it’s counter part DSINC, (Divisional Soldiers’ Ideas, Needs and Concerns) is the vehicle that carries this information. Territorial Headquarters is excited to learn your ideas, needs, and concerns to enhance our ongoing effort to share the good news of Jesus Christ and God’s plan of salvation to the millions who are perishing in a misguided world of sin. If the Holy Spirit places an idea, need, or concern on your heart please share it with us.

Dan Hager Territorial Sergeant Major