Commissioning 2017

Friday, June 2: 10:00 AM Commencement Service for the Joyful Intercessors Session

Atlanta Temple Corps

HBGravesGuest Speaker – Dr. Harold Graves, President Nazarene Bible College

Cadets and active Officers receive their further education diplomas for academic achievement through the past year.

Friday, June 2: 6:30 PM “God Speaks”

When was the last time you felt the Word of God transform you?

Godspeaks is a unique production that will immerse you in the Holy Scriptures. Spend time with Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, and others as we see, feel, hear, and even taste how God speaks in us, to us, and through us, even today. This family friendly production boasts a cast and crew from all over the Southern Territory. It is peppered with a wide array of music, including live performances from an Atlanta area choir and the Southern Territorial Band.

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Saturday, June 3: 9:00 AM-Noon Prayer Warriors Seminar

Atlanta Temple Corps
“Prayer is the Christian’s vital breath, The Christian’s native air…” This line from an old hymn only begins to describe how essential it is for us to be people who pray.

Praying is so easy, yet prayer is a difficult discipline to practice. Why? Because our enemy, the devil, does not want us to pray.

All prayer warriors and people who pray are invited to participate in this Seminar designed to ignite and transform their prayer life. Commissioner Debi Bell will lead this session. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow you to move.

Saturday, June 3: 12 Noon “We Will” Women’s Leadership Conference Reunion Luncheon

Atlanta Temple Corps (By Registration only)

Saturday, June 3: 4:00 PM Officers Long Service Dinner

CEPAC Ballroom A (by invitation only)

Saturday, June 3: 7:00 PM Word Services Ingathering and Salvationist Service Corps Recognition

CEPAC Auditorium (Doors open at 5:15 PM)
Celebrate the territory’s World Services fund raising result, and send off this year’s young Salvationists to their Summer Service assignments around the world.

The Joyful Intercessors and Messengers of the Gospel sessions unite in a “Concert of Prayer and Praise”

Sunday, June 4: 9:30 AM Ordination and Commissioning of the Joyful Intercessors

CEPAC Auditorium (doors open at 8:45 AM)
Commissioner Debi Bell, Speaker

Sunday, June 4: 2:30 PM Marching Orders Service

CEPAC Auditorium (doors open at 1:45 AM)
Commissioners Don & Debi Bell