Symposium on Human Trafficking Announced

The Territorial Social and Ethical Issues Department will host a one-day symposium on human trafficking Jan. 7, 2016, at the Territorial Headquarters Conference Center. The Southern Territorial Anti-trafficking Symposium, themed “Refocus: See the Possibilities,” will take place on the day before the ReEffect conference at the Atlanta International Corps. The symposium is designed to help officers, soldiers and employees identify ways to engage themselves in the fight against human trafficking.

The human trafficking symposium is the first in a series of planned conferences to be held by the Social and Ethical Issues Department in conjunction with ReEffect, which is held every other year. “We’re testing the waters,” said Major Susan Ellis, Territorial Social and Ethical Issues director. “At ReEffect, they look at a broad spectrum of social issues. Our approach is to concentrate on one topic for a full day and really delve deeply into it. Our goal is for each conference to complement the other.”

Major Ellis said she hopes that some of the ReEffect delegates will take advantage of the opportunity to attend the symposium, but she also expects that social services staff from around the South will attend, as well as people involved with men’s, women’s and youth ministries, EBC and ARC personnel.

The symposium will be comprised of three tracks: social services, corps ministry and demand reduction. The social services track will examine the impact social service programs have on human trafficking, while the corps ministry track will enable delegates to join the fight against human trafficking outside the Army’s organized programs and initiatives. Finally, demand reduction will explore the scourge of pornography and its correlation with human trafficking, as well as tactics that can be employed in fighting both.

Speakers will include Pilar Dunning, Chicago’s Stop-It program; Priscilla Santos, Orange County AHT program director; Cadet Trisha Smouse, USA East; Anne Kerr, True North Freedom Project; and Corporal Alan Wilkett, Pasco County, Florida, law enforcement officer and pastor of Life’s Harbor Church Pastor of Dade City, Florida.

The symposium will be preceded on Jan. 6 by the Southern Territorial Anti-Human Trafficking Council at THQ, which will bring together representatives from each of the divisions as well as personnel from Evangeline Booth College and the ARC Command who are involved in the fight against human trafficking.


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